One personal inhaling

Hey you! I am Josefien and this is my foodblog.

I’ve been on this health-trip since forever so this blog seemed like a logic follow-up. With this blog I want to share my experiments and passion for plant-based food.

I would call myself a hardcore veggie, it all began with endless love for animals.. So at a young age I decided to go veggie and started cooking for myself. This daily task soon became a passion and now I just can’t stop.

Besides food I have a passion for fashion and traveling. Some of my favorite things include good coffee, avocados, smiley faces, shiny things & alternative music. And oh I love Berlin, it is my home away from home. First I love food, then I love Berlin, or is it Berlin first?  Haha!

When I am not out drinking coffee or when I’m not in Berlin or traveling around for sure I’m experimenting in my kitchen.

Enjoy my blog, I am excited to share my culinary future with you! YES let’s do this!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth Wollants says:

    So proud of you!


  2. Love the beautiful pictures and the happy vibe on this blog! Can’t wait to try the recipes! #yosoinspiring #yosocool !


  3. Ilona Bensch says:

    Love your blog! I will definitely try your recipes!!


    1. yosogreen says:

      Thank you so much! ^^


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