The V-scène in Berlin


There are countless reasons why I love Berlin, but food has to be the main reason. Berlin is so inspirational because it is constantly reinventing itself, specially it’s food culture. Nowhere can you find so many vegan restaurants, it’s heaven!

When I was in Berlin I visited my favorite places to eat. Here is my food culture:

The Green Market

Last month when I was in Berlin with my mom. We’re both real foodies so it was a culinary party! On sunday we went to The Green Market, this trendy market stands for the vegan lifestyle. From food trucks to clothing and decoration it’s all there and 100% vegan.



We tried to taste a bit of everything but there were just so many food trucks! I saw so many inventive and inspiring recipes.

courgetti berlin-2

RAW zucchini spaghett with tomato sauce by Barkett.

safraanpannenkoekRice tumeric crepes!

We also attended a lecture by Niko Rittenau on clean eating and the vegan lifestyle and watched a live cooking show by Lea Green, blogster at Veggies. She came to promote her new cookbook, such an inspirational lady. She did all the publishing herself, the photo’s, the editing, everything! At The Green Market she made tofu meatballs. We got the chance to taste them and they were amazeballs.



tofu meatballs

This was The Green Market Spring edition, next up is the Summer edition the 18th and 19th of June at Neue Heimat!

The Green Market – every season at Neue Heimat, Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin

Michelberger Hotel

Michelberger hotel is located at the Warschauerstrasse in Friedrichshain. Besides the stylish rooms they have a very good restaurant as well.This hotel offers a buffet full of vegetarian and vegan options. They only use organic ingredients and if possible locally grown!

From homemade peanut butter to homemade granola, infused cane sugars & soy yoghurt,..Michelberger has it all. They even have their own ‘fountain of youth’ coconut water! Need I say more?


vegan ricepudding

Some of my favorite things were the homemade soy butter and vegan rice pudding. The Barn coffee just finished it all!

Michelbergers breakfast is served every day and is open for culinary guests, they ask only 16 euro for this feast!


This petit hotspot is a real hidden pearl. At Roamers they serve the best coffee, homemade kale smoothies, sandwiches and all kinds of heavenly plates. The best thing is you can add avocado to E V E R Y T H I N G. During the weekends it can be crowded but just chill a bit outside on the bench and wait your turn, it’s worth it. Check out their Tumblr for more foodporn.

Roamers, pannierstrasse 64, 12043 Berlin



avocado extra





Oh Yes Daluma, it’s just everything!  All organic cold pressed juices and smoothies. Pure, RAW & superfoods. I tried Daluma’s black rehab juice with activated carbon and lime, surprisingly good!

DALUMA, Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin

black rehab geknipt

The Bowl

This is a place you cannot miss. This -Clean eating- restaurant offers a plant-based menu with bowls and meals that are balanced and good for you. The high vibe lifestyle is what they stand for and I couldn’t agree more.

The Bowl, Warschauerstrasse 33, 10243 Berlin




To be continued..